Private Commissions

These are some of the pieces that I have been commissioned to design & create in recent years. 
If you would like to discuss your own mosaic commission, please contact me here.

"Asymmetrical Hexagon Quilt" Table

A large 4ft X 2ft outdoor table covered in an array of brightly coloured geometrical shapes, based on traditional Islamic sacred geometry.


 The design features hexagonal, octagonal & decagonal shapes, arranged in a tessallated pattern and is based on the detail from the frontispiece of a Koran produced in Mosul in 1310 (below) 

The beautiful natural cedar wood frame was constructed by the client, Jim Tovey.


Tree Stumps

Two weathered tree stumps from the clients's garden were transformed into a pair of colourful side-tables/perching stools.

The design echoes the natural arrangement of lines radiating from the centre of the tree stump itself.  The iridescent glass tiles produce a shimmering, reflective surface which contrasts beautifully against the natural wood.

The wood stumps required careful and thorough preparation before the mosaic tiles could be applied.


'Allah' Arabic Mural

A hexagonal shape from traditional Islamic sacred geometry frames the word "Allah" (the One God) which is written in Arabic calligraphy.

Created using a combination of shimmering iridescent and contrasting matt glass tiles.

The brief asked for a bold & striking colour palette - reflected in the bright orange, fuchsia, turquoise, green and gold of the foreground design, which contrast beautifully with the darker greens & purples of the background

30 X 30cm

Moroccan Mirror


This commission was based on a specific design (below) submitted by the client, who lives in Morocco.

The bright yellow, turquoise and white, outlined in black, reflect the colours of the Moroccan landscape - the sun, the azure sky & blue sea and the iconic white buildings of Casablanca.  The Arabic script reads "Bismillah" - meaning "In the name of Allah". 


The shape of the mirror frame is typical of Moroccan architectural design.   56 X 37cm



'Om' Sanskrit Mural

'Om', 'Ohm' or 'Aum' is a scared sound that is known generally as the sound of the universe.  The 'Om' symbol represents the sound in a visual form.

The purple frame,  a colour preference specified by the client, consists of a variety of textured glass tiles and embellishments and contrasts nicely with the matt cream porcelain background.  30 X 30cm

"It's a beautiful, perfect and very special piece of art for me that will stay with me for life and it means the world to me... no price is too high for that and I can't thank you enough for fulfilling my request so perfectly!!! You are super talented and I know you put your heart into every piece, and that's something money can't buy!!!"  Amy

OM Ungrouted.jpg

Hot Air Balloon


This piece was commissioned for a 50th birthday present.

The story of a couple's romance and their consequent travels across the world are captured in the design and colours used in this mosaic.  It was in a hot air balloon that the marriage proposal was made  & each of the brightly coloured circular motifs on the balloon represent the colours of the flags of each country they have lived and worked in.

The heart on the basket completes the story of " Mr & Mrs Green".

50 X 36cm


'Shukr' Arabic Mural

A hexagonal shape from traditional Islamic sacred geometry frames the word "shukr" (meaning gratitude) which is written in Arabic calligraphy.  

Created using a combination of shimmering iridescent and contrasting matt glass tiles.

The brief asked for a soft, floral colour palette, reflected in the rose pinks, lilacs, pastel green and silver used in this commission.  

30 X 30cm




Another commission for a 50th birthday - this piece was inspired by the recipient's love of the sea.

The silver-edged swirls of the waves capture a sense of movement and the constant ebb & flow of the tide.  The smooth blue iridescent glass tiles, contrast with the coarser, matt surface of the shore which is embedded with natural pebbles and shells.

The sense of movement is reflected in the swirly iridescent sky.

80 X 60cm