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Much of my inspiration comes from the infinite form, patterns & colours of nature and also the beauty and symmetry of Islamic geometry.  Many of my designs incorporate intricate swirls and combinations of bright and vibrant colours.

Each piece involves many intensive hours of hand-cutting square tiles of glass into fragments - creating various shapes that all fit together like a jigsaw. 


Then comes the grouting, the careful cleaning and finally varnishing to finish off.


Mirrors and murals to adorn your walls...

Birdbaths, stepping-stones, flower-pots, rocks, to bring colour and excitement to your garden...

Coasters, hearts, dishes and more...

The possibilities are endless!

Mahemuda Arsalani (also known as Muni) is a self-taught mosaic artist based in Peterborough, UK - who works mainly with glass and ceramic tiles, millefiore, beads and pebbles, to create vibrant and colourful indoor and outdoor mosaics




Photo credit Tony Nero

My passion for mosaic started 15 years ago, when I was first introduced to the art of mosaic by my friend Dominique Aclange, whilst living & working in Brunei, SE Asia.  After attending a basic beginners session with Dominique I was hooked!

I have always loved drawing and had experimented a little with painting, however, mosaics brought along a new dimension of art that I'd never considered, yet felt like a "homecoming" and I instantly knew I had found my calling. 

I started my own journey of research & exploration, inspired by established mosaic artists such as Sonia King, Martin Cheek, Emma Biggs & of course the renowned Spanish architect Antoni Gaudi whose amazing works can be seen in Barcelona.


My work continues to develop and progress as I explore and experiment with different techniques and materials, dedicating most of my time to creating new and exciting pieces of work. 



British Association of Mosaic Makers (BAMM)


Peterborough Artists' Open Studios (PAOS)

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